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We offer a broad range of services for various customers. However, the most common services that we offer are:

  • Car Wash Equipment Maintenance

  • Truck Wash Equipment Maintenance

             We have the experience to keep your equipment up and running. We focus on preventative maintenance routines that are designed to detect problems before your equipment breaks. When your equipment does break down, we have the experience to troubleshoot the tough problems. We also try to train our customers to maintain their equipment, so they only need to call us out for the big problems.


  • Equipment Sales

              We have highly qualified representatives to help you select the equipment that you need for your operations. We will listen to your needs, and then help you select the equipment that will match your needs. 

  • Chemical Sales and Delivery

              We offer high quality chemicals that will work in all applications. We have the experience to match you up with chemicals based on your needs. Furthermore, we offer free delivery services with just a minimum order.

  • Changer / Coinbox Service and Repair

              We can help with all of your needs on coinbox and changers. We are authorized distributors for most major coinbox and changer manufacturers in the car wash, truck wash, vending, amusement, and parking industries, and we carry all parts necessary for repair. 

  • Hot and Cold Pressure Washer Service and Repair

                 Having a problem with your hot or cold water pressure washer? We can quickly get you back in operation, and will give estimates on repairs before we ever start to fix your unit. If costs are more than the unit is worth, we can help you select a perfect replacement or may be able to offer you a deal on used equipment.

  • Car and Truck Wash Design Assistance

                 We have experience in designing car and truck wash layouts to maximize efficiency and be visually stimulating. Although we do not have architects on staff, we can work with you and your architect to bring your vision to reality.  

  • Location Selection Assistance

                  As with any business, car and truck washes rely on location to bring the customers in. Selecting the location can mean success or failure in your business. Let us help you select your location, and get our opinions before you ever make the smallest investment. We will honestly state our opinions on your location before you get tied into a location that can not repay the investment.

  • Auditing Design Assistance

                  We have gained a lot of knowledge over the years on auditing your equipment. We know how your employees will try to steal from you, and how your customers will try to get more than they paid for. We can help.

  • Security Assistance

                        Need help selecting the right security products for your application?  Just give us a call or use our live support feature to let us help you. We can match you up with the perfect solution for your unique situation.
  • Security Sales

                        We have put a lot of research into the security systems that we sell. We only represent products that we can fully stand behind. From inexpensive solutions to state of the art technology, we can get a system that will do what you need it to do. We carry surveillance systems, access control systems, video intercom systems, and more. We have worked with everyone from home owners to international corporations.
  • Consumer Electronics Sales

                       Check out the consumer electronics that we sell. We represent a lot of major brands like Sony, Linksys, Haier, and more. We try to keep our prices competitive, and will do everything that we can to match a lower price. We will also help you in selecting products based on your needs and price requirements.
  • Much More

                       We are always looking for new ways to help our customers. If you need help with something, give us a call and we will try to offer you the best support that we can. If we are not able to help you, we will try to point you in the right direction.
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